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August 11, 2011

Carnatic Music Notation Typesetter – Release v1.5 Beta

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The 1.5 release of the Carnatic Music Notation Typesetter is now released in beta mode. Click on the following links to launch application, view the manual and view the sample notation files.

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • A Smart Lyric mode, which allows you to specify lyrics more easily. See the SmartLyricMode directive section of the manual.
  • Enhancements to manual mode in tala. There are now two manual modes, one of which places tala anga markers above  the notation line which can allow for closer grouping of swaras that are part of a single musical phrase. This allows for the underlying melody to be more easily discerned from the notation. See the Tala directive section of the manual.
  • Support for rendering language using Roman diacritics – see the Language directive section.
  • Better control over the width and height of margins around the content can be controlled. See the Orientation directive section of the manual.
  • A new Title directive to specify the title of the web-page. This can be useful in printing as the browser can be directed to put this information in the header/footer sections.

The release also has some bug fixes with respect to layout and pagination.

Pagination behavior change: Due to lack of reliable pagination control (as well as browser incompatiblities), starting with v1.5 Beta, the typesetter does not automatically paginate contents like in earlier versions (since that has proven to be very unreliable). The typesetter now instead relies on the browser’s printing capabilities itself. This may however result in browser inserting a page break at inappropriate places (e.g. between the swara line and the corresponding lyric line). To fix these, you can insert the Pagebreak directive to introduce a manual pagebreak.

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