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February 25, 2008

Carnatic Music Notation Typesetter – Release v1.1

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Version 1.1 of the Carnatic Music Notation Typesetter is now released. This release contains some new features, and a few bug fixes.

New Features:
The following new features were added for version v1.1:

  • A new directive Gati, which allows you to switch the gati/naDai/gait of the song being notated. Please refer to this page for more information
  • Enhancements to the PhraseEnds directive
    • Allow for the phrase endings to be shown in various styles. In addition to the already supported hyphens, they can be shown as “handles”.
    • You can now make the typesetter introduce trailing space after the phrase endings so that the individual phrases are prominently separated from each other for clarity. The amount of space to be given is also controllable.
  • Notations in Tamil can (optionally) use the Grantha Sa character for Sa (as in Siva, Sakthi), which allows for a fairer representation of the sound compared to the earlier suffixed Sa (with qualifiers) or Sa - no qualifiers (no qualifiers). Note however that your system must meet certain requirements in order to make use of this. Please refer to this page for more information.
    • The transliteration scheme now also supports an explicit specifier for using the Sa - no qualifiers character for the sa sound. It is S2
  • Enhancements to the Language Directive and also language specifier in Heading attributes
    • Control over how to display the Sa sound in Tamil.
    • Control over the size of the qualifier

Please refer to the manual for more information on these new features.

Bug Fixes/Other

  • The PDF Manual now has bookmarks for easy access to various sections.
    • Each chapter about a directive also includes a Revision history section outlining the changes/enhancements across various releases.
  • Fixed phrase endings display in IE. Previously the swara at the phrase end used to be shifted down.
  • Phrase endings can be specified for a swara with a label of “-” (i.e. alternate representation of continuation). Previously — was rejected – now it is accepted as a phrase-end at a continuation swara.
  • Notations that “run off” beyond the width of the display area are no longer forcibly clipped by the typesetter. Instead the control is left to the browser’s page setup and printing. Since the typesetter being a web-app never really can have absolute control over page setup, it was felt that forcible clipping was undesirable.

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