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February 9, 2008

About the Carnatic Music Transliterator

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(Note: Release v1.2 of the Carnatic Music Transliterator released on Apr 04, 2008)

The Carnatic Music Transliterator is a web application which runs inside your browser (FireFox, IE, Safari, Opera) and allows you to print lyrics for carnatic music songs in Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit and Kannada, besides English of course.

The primary goals of the application are

  1. Aid fans and practioneers of carnatic music to grasp the pronunciation of compositions as accurately as possible.
  2. Enable those carnatic music fans to view the text of the compositions in any of the target Indic languages. The assumption is that many Carnatic Music fans and practitioners may relate better to lyrics represented in their native language even for compositions in a different language.

The application is actually an editor, and allows you to specify the sahitya i.e. lyrics with formatting such as bold, italic, headings, colors etc. The lyrics are to be specified in English, and following the Unified Transliteration Scheme for Carnatic Compositions.

Once you have your text ready, you click one button and it will render the text in your favorite Carnatic Music language. You can also switch to a printable view of the translation of any particular language and then print it.

The transliterator also allows you to paste text that is already in the target languages. So if you see lyrics on some other web-page that is in Devanagiri, and want to see it in Tamil, Kannada or Telugu, simply copy the text and paste it to the editor and hit the translate button!

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