Do you love solving crossword puzzles?

Do you love word jumble games that require you to unscramble jumbled words?

Then Xanagram is the game for you!

Xanagram displays a puzzle with two words whose letters have been scrambled. You solve the puzzle by unscrambling both words. To unscramble a word, rearrange the letters in the words by touching on a letter and dragging it over to its correct position within the word. When the puzzle is solved, and you move on to the next puzzle in the game.

Exhaustive Dictionary

  • Uses a dictionary of over 2500 words! (courtesy: WordNet)
  • Easy to not-so-easy words. Play to improve your vocabulary, and hone your anagram solving skills

With Adaptive Difficulty

  • Xanagram adjusts the difficuly of the next puzzle depending on how you do.
  • Adjustable starting difficulty level allows you to start easy or hard as you wish.