Swarasthana is a fun-to-use teaching and knowledge aid for all Carnatic Music beginners and enthusiasts

Varisais and Alaṅkārams

Sing along and practice saraḷi, jhaṇṭa, dhāṭu varisais, and alaṅkārams not only in māyāmāḷavagauḷa, but in any of the 72 mēlās as well as more than twenty five pentatonic (auḍava), and eight hexatonic (śāḍava) ragas.

Adjust the sruthi, and tempo according to your comfort level. Select the instrument from veena, guitar, flute, or violin.

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Sruthi Suddham

Improve upon your ability to sing swarasthanas in perfect pitch using the Sruthi Suddham feature, which features a realtime pitch tracker that that tracks your pitch as you sing, and shows how you are doing.

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Swara Gnyanam

Get better at identifying swaras using the Swara Gnyanam feature, which is in the form of a game wherein the app plays a musical pattern containing 1 to 4 swaras, and you have to identify them.

Two modes - basic and the advanced. In the basic mode, you select a specific mēḷa for the swaras. In the advanced mode, the swaras are based upon a randomly chosen mēḷa.

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Scale Identification Game

Get better at identifying scales (ragas) using the Scale Identification Game. Swarasthana plays a melody in the scale of a randomly chosen raga, and you need to identify the raga. To adjust the level of difficulty, you can select the kinds of ragas to be tested on: popular mēlās, all mēlās, popular auḍava, śāḍava etc.