KrithiBook is an essential companion app for all Carnatic Music connoisseurs! It is a handy quick reference to more than 4600 songs (krithis) featuring most of the major Carnatic Music composers. For each song, the title, the raga (with mēḷa, ārōhaṇa, avarōhaṇa), the tala and the composer is provided. All information is cross-referenced in multiple ways resulting in a simple, yet powerful storehouse of knowledge!

Lyrics and word-by-word meaning are provided for all tyāgarāja and śyāmā śāstri krithis, and lyrics only are provided for all muttusvāmi dīkṣitar and pāpanāsam śivan krithis
(Source for tyāgarāja, śyāmā śāstri and muttusvāmi dīkṣitar krithis: : Shri V. Govindan,, and

KrithiBook comes in handy to during a carnatic music concert to look up information about songs being rendered. However, even at other times, it is an invaluable knowledge-base on carnatic music for finding answers to many questions such as:

  • Which of the composers composed in a certain raga - say ābhōgi?
  • How many songs did tyāgarāja compose in a raga, e.g. pantuvarāḷi? What are they?
  • What is the ārohaṇa and avarōhaṇa of a raga - say andhāḷi?
  • Who composed the varnam in nārāyaṇagauḷa?
  • What songs are part of the nīlōtpalāmbā kṙtīs composed by dīkṣitar?
  • What songs are part of the nauka caritramu opera composed by tyāgarāja?

The song title, names of ragas, talas and composers are shown using roman diacritics, and thus conveying accurate pronunciation detail. The song detail page also shows the information in Tamil (iPhone, iPad & Android), and Devanagiri (at present only in the iPhone & iPad versions) scripts.

KrithiBook also features a "fuzzy" search that is extremely flexible and can find a song even if you provide only an approximation of its spelling. For example, sItamma maayamma, seetamma mayamma, seethamma mayamma will all locate the song sītamma māyamma by tyāgarāja.

All these features make KrithiBook indispensable to carnatic music rasikās with smartphones all over the world! Expand your knowledge on composers, krithis and ragas! Impress your friends!