Testbed for a Common Transliteration Engine for Carnatic Music

Note:: This web-page contains characters in Sanskrit (Devanagiri), Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. If they do not display correctly, then you need to install proper fonts on your computer. On Firefox, if the Indian language characters do appear but are in the wrong order, please follow instructions given in this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Enabling_complex_text_support_for_Indic_scripts#Check_for_existing_support

This web-page is a test-bed of the the Unified Transliteration Scheme for Carnatic Music Compositions.

Type in the transliterated text in the edit box below and check how it is translated to the different languages. Use the New Line button to create a new line of text. Use up-arrow and down-arrow keys to navigate between lines. You can also click on any line to select it and then modify it.

You can also use a full-blown editor here.


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